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Customer Facing

There’s a reason that I chose IT Support as a career. I like technology. I seem to have some skill in that area. I like solving problems. I’m also, probably like many techies, a little bit stereotypical. I’m comfortable with computers, and not so great with people. At least, I’m not very good with the general public. People I’m used to, I’m fine with. Continue reading Customer Facing

Opening Gambit

I never seem to get around to anything. And doing something about my actual webspace is one I’ve been trying to get around to for a good few years now, and still failing miserably at. Eventually I do plan to get it sorted, probably using the WordPress software, so in the meantime I’ve gone for using the service on WordPress itself.
It also means that it’s probably a lot easier to transfer posts from here to there when I finally get around to sorting my proper space out and moving hosts.

I intend to use this for a combination of random ranting and reviewing things I’ve seen, read or played. Hopefully I’ll actually use it a fair bit. 😛