Customer Facing

There’s a reason that I chose IT Support as a career. I like technology. I seem to have some skill in that area. I like solving problems. I’m also, probably like many techies, a little bit stereotypical. I’m comfortable with computers, and not so great with people. At least, I’m not very good with the general public. People I’m used to, I’m fine with.

Now, there seems to be a push in most areas of work towards Customer Facing and Good Customer Service. This is fine, for those parts that really need it. However, I see myself as primarily “Back Room”, and see much of the area of tech-support as being likewise. I’m not great with people. I dislike feigning politeness. I’m really not very good at having to be patient with people who aren’t au fait with technology – in my defense on this, this is why I became a techie and not a teacher.
I really don’t appreciate the expectation of having to smile and be polite and be good with people. I’m not good with people – I’ve had (and still live under the shadow of) social anxiety. I can’t speak in public. The idea of telephone calls to anybody I don’t already know still sends me into mild panic.

I’m really not a people person.

But I can do computers.