Miracle Day – initial thoughts

I watched the start of the latest Torchwood series last night. First episode of Miracle Day. I liked it.

It definitely had First Episode Syndrome, What with introducing new characters and catching up with old ones at the same time as setting up the Season Arc. It still had Torchwood humour, though, along with action setpieces. Oh, and some pretty crappy compositing.
I accept that you can’t have a real explosion, a lead actor and a young baby in the same physical space. It doesn’t really excuse letting you see the “join” though.
I loved that the baby had little pink ear-protectors on when the guns came out, though.

All in all, an interesting start to the season. And an interesting look at what it would mean if death just… stopped. Some people left sick/damaged but undying. Others able to properly recover because they were kept extra-alive just long enough for treatments to kick in.

I can’t wait for the next part.

And it seems easy enough to wait the almost-week between the US airing and the UK one. No farting around trying to find a filetype that works with my setup, just watch it on Freesat HD.