– moving forward, when needs don’t

I’ve been a bit vocal on Twitter and FM’s own blogs in my opinion that‘s new version (FM3) is fundementaly broken.

No more can I use a combination of searching and true catergory heirarchy drill-down, it now has some sort of hand-wavy tag-cloud system.

I’m sorry, guys, but you’ve totally screwed it. I just saw an archived version of FM2. It was planer, more borring, but it bloody swell worked for what I needed out of a software-search site. The ability to actually search it.

Yes, imporvements have been made since it went live. In fact, it seems like the site was put out in an incomplete state, which is even worse. It’s getting better, but it will never be what it once was.

And that’s a shame, as it once worked.

One thought on “ – moving forward, when needs don’t”

  1. Sounds like a real case of if its not broke, don’t fix it.

    Taken another way, fixing something that isn’t broken, often only acts to brake it.

    Shame really.

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