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Things take time

OK. Here’s the deal. Things can take time to fix, or to set up. This is unavoidable. If your computer needs fixing, your IT department will need time to fix it. If really busy, it will take longer.

Now this is where people’s understanding of computers tends to break down. Your computer does not care how busy you are, or how inconvenient it is to do without it.
If it’s going to break, it’s going to break. If fixing it will take two days, then it’s going to be two days. It sucks, but it’s the way it is.

Now here is a little secret I’m going to reveal. And it has to be a secret, because it is incredibly clear to me that nobody is aware of this.
Saying how urgently you need something does not make it any faster to fix or implement. No, seriously. This is true.

I often get the distinct impression that people think that saying how urgently they need their computer either makes the problem easier to fix, or that it is a way to get their IT Support Staff on side. Especially after aforementioned staff have patiently explained why something is going to take as long as it will. Or why it needs doing. Or any other such reasoning.
Somehow every computer user thinks that by asking enough times, or stating their case, or going to the next line in management, that things will happen faster.

All that really happens is that they end up being told exactly the same thing, and prolonging the amount of time needed to get it done in the first place.

Oh and, whilst I’m at it, barging past the IT Manager to talk to one of the support team, and making said manager drop things… That really isn’t going to get your query seen to any faster.
And yes, I have known that to happen.

Customer Facing

There’s a reason that I chose IT Support as a career. I like technology. I seem to have some skill in that area. I like solving problems. I’m also, probably like many techies, a little bit stereotypical. I’m comfortable with computers, and not so great with people. At least, I’m not very good with the general public. People I’m used to, I’m fine with. Continue reading Customer Facing