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Gaming Shorts

I just thought I’d give a (very) quick overview of three of the videogames i’ve been enjoying in recent months.

Firstly, I played Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies on the 3DS. Very enjoyable game. I loved that all three of the Agency’s lawyers got some court time. I had a few minor niggles with some of the gameplay aspect, but not enough to stop me enjoying the game. And if you’ve liked the earlier entries in the series, and either have a 3DS or are seriously considering getting one, I highly recommend this game.

Still on the 3DS, Bravely Default is definitely meeting my desire for a new take on the more classic Final Fantasy game style. If you enjoy the earlier games, love turn-based battles, but still want something fresh then this one is definitely worth looking into.

Finally, I recently bought Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster and am loving revisiting the world of Spira. The move to HD and widescreen is lush. The reworked soundtrack still fits the game. Overall, it feels very much like it was designed for the PS3. In a way, it feels like how I remember playing the PS2 version. Revisiting an “old friend” without having to put up with what older games look like on newer HD televisions.
I do, however, find myself playing a little game of  “spot the non-remastered texture”. But that’s not enough to run the game by any means.