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New Camera Adventures

So after about 18 months of consideration and about three months of real thought and research I got a DSLR this weekend. I went for the current Canon entry level DSLR, the EOS 1100D (also know as the Rebel T3). So far I have only taken a handful of shots but I am already impressed. The real(including outdoor) test will be today, as the light was going by the time I got home and the box unpacked yesterday.

Now I am very much the beginner when it comes to photography. I have a little Samsung compact camera which takes reasonable photos for most of what I do, and this is more or less the correct camera for most of my needs,
Those “mosts” though are why I needed something more. My niece turns five this year, and she becomes a big sister in a few months time. And if there is one this she has taught me it is that small children can outmove a cheap point-and-shoot camera.

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