Ar Tonelico Qoga: How to find Harvestasha DLC in the UK

One of the (free) pieces of DLC available for the PS3 game Ar tonelico Qoga is the Harvestasha personality patch set. Each of these is free and, allegedly, available in the UK – and the rest of the EU PS3 region as far as I am aware.

It never showed up in the store, though. Or so people thought.

NISA (publishers) and the PSN blog page both claim it was out about a year ago. Web searches mostly said it was missing. It isn’t…

…it’s just very badly filed.

It will not show up if you browse for DLC. The only things in the section for this game are the Binary Field adventures. But if you search for it, it will show up.
I used “Qoga” as a search term. I expect “Harvestasha” would work, too.