iPad Podcast Playlists

If, like me, you use playlists to keep on top of your podcasts you might experience a problem if you have moved to iOS5. I started to use playlists a few years back, as I can connect my iPod to my car radio but its menu doesn’t include podcasts. It does, however, include playlists. So I would queue them up in order and play them that way. It worked so well for me, I stuck with it for general use. So I just fire up the playlists whether in iTunes or on my iPod. Or my new iPad… until changing to iOS5.

iOS5, on the iPad anyway, has a shine new “Music” app that sorts and displays things totally differently.
It will put the contents of podcast playlists into the podcasts section (sorter by show, not in your order), but it won’t show the actual playlist anywhere. I found a workaround that works for me, though.

  1. Add a music track to the end of your podcast playlist
  2. Put the playlist into a folder
  3. Ensure the playlist is selected for syncing both under Music and Podcasts
  4. Re-sync your device (this might require turning it on and off first, it might not)

You will now find the playlist on the main page (i.e. under Music), under it’s folder. Order or tracks is preserved.